The Club Excellence program is operated on behalf of the Club Excellence Cooperative (CEC) at arm’s length. By using a third party structure, the review and certification process will be transparent, objectively assessing each application based on its merits and the obtainment of each standard. The founding sport organizations do not have any influence on the review or certification of clubs, and the program does not favour one sport over another.

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The CEC provides fiduciary and oversight responsibility for the program. The CEC is uniquely structured to ensure that it is responsive to the changing dynamics of Canadian sport. As the program grows, the CEC is changing to better engage sport organizations and manage growth. The CEC will invite other sport organizations to join the program as associate members. 

The True Sport Foundation houses the Club Excellence Secretariat and Trust Fund, and operates as a third party oversight and management structure for the day-to-day operations of the program. The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport is currently contracted to support the True Sport Foundation in this capacity.


By operating through the True Sport Foundation, the CEC can secure sponsorship and donations (the True Sport Foundation is a registered charity) and manage the Club Excellence Fund in trust for the CEC membership. This structure also allows for third party, arms length assessment of certification applications and auditing certified clubs.

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