The process of becoming Club Excellence affiliated or certified has many benefits.

  • Leadership. We demand our athletes put in a strong effort, practice hard and play hard. Shouldn’t organizations, clubs and boards set an example by taking a leadership role?
  • Build capacity. The tools and resources accessed once a club is affiliated can help your club establish a solid base of operation, even if it does not pursue full certification.
  • Increased return on investment. In a competitive landscape, parents are becoming more selective about where they spend their dollars, and athletes their time. Affiliation or certification can help your club stand out in the marketplace.
  • Tools and resources.  The Club Excellence program supports your club as it achieves and maintains affiliation or certification.
  • Strong brand. Once your club is affiliated or certified it has full access to display and leveraged the brand in its communications and marketing initiatives.
  • Standards-based. The actions and policies that are established during affiliation or certification will help your club meet future demands in the changing landscape of community sport.
  • Risk management. Club Excellence affiliation or certification can help your club meet its legislative requirements and insurance responsibilities. 

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