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To become a Club Excellence Affiliate:

  • Complete the self-declaration form below.
  • Confirm that your club meets the 10 key requirements by answering "Yes" to each question.
  • Fully complete the mandatory contact information fields.
  • Click [Submit].
  • Pay the registration fee through PayPal ($125 for Associate Member sports or $167 for non-Associate Member sports).

Throughout this declaration, references to “sport governing body” refer to your provincial/territorial and/or national sport organization. 

#1 - Quality Sport Experience

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#2 - Athlete Program Descriptions

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#3 - Athlete Safety

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#4 - Affiliation

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#5 - Coach Training and Certification

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#6 - Annual Screening

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#7 - Policies and Procedures

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#8 - Insurance

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#9 - Financial System

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#10 - Club Contact Information

Our key club contact information is provided to Club Excellence as a confirmation that all affiliation requirements are met.

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Terms and conditions

Please review the following conditions and click Yes below to indicate your acceptance.

By self-declaring your club’s fulfillment of the 10 Affiliate requirements, you are committing to uphold them over the Affiliation period. At any time, Club Excellence has the right to request evidence that each requirement is being met by the club or association.

The club or association will not hold Club Excellence, the Club Excellence Cooperative (or its members) of the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport responsible in any way.

The club or association understands that Club Excellence requirements and standards do not replace any legal or human rights requirements through federal or provincial legislation.

The club or association’s submission information will be used for:

  1. evaluating and/or monitoring compliance with Club Excellence requirements by the CCES and Club Excellence Cooperative; and
  2. general educational purposes without divulging any specific or identifying information.

The club or association can file a complaint with the CCES or Club Excellence Cooperative if it believes that its information is not used in conformity with this consent.

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